Why should I take CoQ10?

                                                         What is CoQ10?
                                                                        WHY SHOULD I TAKE  CoQ10 ?

It is a fat-soluble vitamin-like substance present in every cell of the body and serves as a coenzyme for several of the key enzymatic steps in the production of energy within the cell. It also functions as an antioxidant which is important in its clinical effects. It is naturally present in small amounts in a wide variety of foods but is particularly high in organ meats such as heart, liver and kidney, as well as beef, soy oil, sardines, mackerel, and peanuts. To put dietary CoQ10 intake into perspective, one pound of sardines, two pounds of beef, or two and one half pounds of peanuts, provide 30 mg of CoQ10.
CoQ10 is also synthesized in all tissues and in healthy individuals normal levels are maintained both by CoQ10 intake and by the body’s synthesis of CoQ10. It has no known toxicity or side effects.
CoQ10, also known as ubiquinone, is found in the mitochondria of every cell in the body. It is a compound that is made naturally in the body. Coenzyme Q10 is found in most body tissues with the highest amounts in the heart, liver, kidneys, and pancreas.
According to Dr. Karl Folkers, a pioneer in the CoQ10 fermentation synthesis, CoQ10 should be properly renamed “vitamin Q” and thus have its rightful place in essential nutrients.
CoQ10 deficiency in muscle cell mitochondria results in poor cellular respiration. Lack of CoQ10 can cause improper cellular function and inflammation and can cause irreversible and often fatal conditions such as cardiomyopathy, congestive heart failure, and rhabdolmyolysis (muscle wasting induced by statin drugs blocking syntheses of CoQ10 in the body).
Statin drugs in Canada are required to carry on their labels a warning stating that CoQ10 depletion can lead to serious problems. Our FDA chooses not to make any comment even despite the new very strong and super-effective statins.

Lipitor does have a “kinda warning”. “Significant decreases in circulating ubiquinone in patients treated with atorvastatin and other statins have been observed. The clinical significance of a potential long-term statin-induced deficiency of ubiquinone has not been established. It has been reported that a decrease in myocardial ubiquinone levels could lead to impaired cardiac function in patients with border-line congestive heart failure…”
Writing in the November 2003 issue of SMART MONEY magazine journalist Eleanor Laise took Pfizer to task for failing to address patients who have suffered memory loss, severe muscle pain and other symptoms of CoQ10 depletion after taking the statin Lipitor.
Merck applied for patents in 1989 and 1990 for CoQ10-/ statin products stating that the combination might be effective in cardiomyopathy, but also preventing elevated levels of the enzyme transminase. This is the marker MD’s look for in liver damage.
In case you have not realized that statins block the body’s self-production of CoQ10, that is the important information you need. If you take these drugs, especially the newer higher strength drugs, [ and they may have a valuable and necessary place in therapy], please consider taking a CoQ10 supplement. Not all CoQ10 is the same. Some is very poorly adsorbed and thus small amounts are available to used by the body.
Knowing who manufactured the CoQ10 is the key to knowing which works and which doesn’t.
Lost of CoQ10, causes muscle pain and weakness. Some people develop slurred speech, balance problems, restless sleep patterns, depression, polyneuropathy- or peripheral neuropathy. This neuropathy is manifested by weakness, tingling and pain in the hands and feet as well as difficulty walking.


There are natural statins (fermented red-rice extract) and a sugar cane extract called Policosanol .  Policosanol is technically not a sugar at all. It’s a group of eight to nine “long chain alcohols” (solid, waxy compounds). It actually contains no sugar and has no extra calories so it doesn’t have an adverse effect on blood sugar levels. Research is accumulating to show that policosanol is more effective than the most popular patent medicines for lowering total cholesterol and triglyceride levels. As added bonuses, policosanol helps to prevent strokes by inhibiting platelet aggregation and abnormal blood clotting and may lower blood pressure. And unlike the popular statins, policosanol has virtually no side effects, and does not seriously interfere with our bodies ability to produce CoQ10.As with all natural supplements, knowing the manufacture is your source of quality and effectiveness. Not all policosanol is effective, in fact most is not reliable that is marketed.
What is Cholesterol?

Every cell membrane contains cholesterol because cholesterol is what make our cells waterproof. With out it our body would have to have a different chemistry. If the cell membrane becomes leaky, the body interprets it as an emergency, releasing a flood of corticoid hormones that work by collecting cholesterol from one part of the body and moving it to areas where it is needed. Cholesterol is the body’s repair substance. Scar tissue, including in the arteries, contains high levels of cholesterol. Vitamin D is made from cholesterol. Bile salts used for digestion of fats are made up of cholesterol. Cholesterol plays a key role in brain function- in formation of memory and levels of serotonin which is our mood-well being. Over one-half of the dry weight of the cerebral cortex (brain) is cholesterol. Cholesterol is precursor to all the adrenal cortex hormones which regulate: sex hormones, blood sugar levels, mineral balance, inflammation due to stress, and healing. It is a vital necessary part of the body.

In the 60’s studies showed that lowering cholesterol saved lives. So medicine jumped on this new fact. In reality, statins work by serendipity. They lower cholesterol but this is not the therapeutic action. Helping the epithelial cells lining the blood vessels stay healthy is their real result. Cholesterol is the body’s natural anti-oxidant….a natural anti-inflammatory substance. If we lower our “inflammatory” state by fish oil (omega 3 which is anti-inflammatory) change of diet (less red meats, trans-fats, etc ) and with other anti-inflammatory herbs and mushrooms, our cholesterol automatically lowers with the good cholesterol getting higher, the bad cholesterol lower and triglycerides will also drop.This lower state of “inflammation” makes us healthier thus fewer heart attacks and strokes.
These short comments are a very tiny part of the information available.
 For better health ,


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